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Tenants moved away the owners property

Washington the House rented to tenants the landlord did not expect top of the rental tenants in arrears for two months, and shoplifting also made off with the owners of thousands of appliances. Owners think that the Administration should bear the relevant responsibility, because the tenants to move out of the community is not the owner signature release note. Property rental management service considers that the owners did not notify the Office in writing to the tenant, according to the agreement signed by both parties, the Directorate is not responsible.
owner of Sha Tau Kok garden near the mountain temperature, Yantian district told reporters on June 24 last year, the House she rented to tenants of a male. Clearly stated on the lease, the tenant rented Miss Wen's House from the June 24, 2005 to June 24, 2006, rented for a period of one year. Tenants rent shall be paid on the 24th of each month, if later than the agreed date of payment 10 days without paying the rent, Miss warm House to recover.
on April 24, the tenant did not pay the rent, Ms temperature the tenant's request and gave him a month's grace period. On May 24, the tenants didn't pay the rent, Miss Wen thought cannot be further delayed, then on the next day (May 25) to the Hillside Garden looking for tenants to take rent. Unexpectedly, found Miss tenants have moved to warm the House, Miss house keys are changed temperature. Miss warm around that, the tenants moved in on May 17 this year. Miss warm anger is that this tenant default temperature and Miss two months ' rent, Miss warm color TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances were also removed.

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