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Story of factories moving company

Read about Jia Sheng (Chasen) reports made by the Managing Director Liu Rong, when he described his simple life, he said over the past more than 10 years, he only bought a suit, and when needed.
and he do not take debit cards, because lining up for money remember the password trouble, his "personal ATM" is the wife of insurance brokers, he took money from her, usually two or three times a month, a 1000 Yuan or so.
ask what he had, and he said it wasn't a pleasure, a lot of time and effort is spent on the company's business and operations.
interview that day, if just wearing regular long sleeve shirt made by Liu Rong, but to talk about the business, he was very involved. Simple to said, better sheng of business is "moved", but it moved of not General of furniture, and antique, and bed, and seat like, but a Taiwan stage million even Shang do of height precision and the sensitive of production equipment, is belongs to engaged in TFT-LCD (film transistor LCD display) and Crystal round (Wafer) this class height sensitive and precision industry of transnational electronic company of "pounds".
Jia-sheng is only 10 years old, in Singapore 14 Fab, have 10 lines of relocation and rehousing of Jia sheng was responsible for; Singapore three TFT-LCD factory relocation and installation, all is good Sheng hosted.
in the midst of this, Fab average a equipment valued at US $ 800 million; TFT-LCD factory equipment on average per capita GDP of $ 1 billion. Such a market, promote Jia Sheng road to automated quotation stock market listing, the company achieved turnover of 16.3 million Yuan last year, net profits were 5.6 million Yuan, 72.6% removal device business, 14.6% is the transport packaging services, about 12.8% is the warehouse stores and related businesses.
asking how to get these contracts made by Liu Rong, after thinking, he replied: "the business records of the past (track record) is very important. "
that there is no business records?
by Liu Rong answered, "Jia sheng first got Japan Toshiba (Toshiba) removal and set up in Singapore's TFT-LCD production line when, they spent nine months for the selected company. Customers in addition to companies outside of the handling equipment, be sure to see head and head contact, in person interviews. "
the head of this has anything to do with it?
"this is an important review process, the customer must ensure that the personnel in charge of handling equipment and they have the responsibility to ensure high value equipment, within the time established in the reaches, testing, commissioning, trial, and put into production. In addition, the sincere attitude is also important. "
handling is not simply a profession?
Liu Rong FA said: "most people think so, but the relocation and rehousing of high tech manufacturing base for officers ' technical requirements are very high, General project average investment in moving their equipment alone in about 500,000 yuan, customer selection handling is also very cautious.
"if occasional errors, such as equipment problems, even to order an instrument, they have half a year to be delivered, more importantly it will impact all production process, delivery time, and that's big. "
the past few years, due to technology is replacing too fast, walk in front of the technical content, Europe and Singapore continue to manufacture of new generation products, and will require more labor migrated to less expensive areas of the production line, such as China, India, Indonesia and other places, speeding up the market demand for relocation of factories and machinery relocation services.
in this context, Jia-Sheng through tone of fund-raising, accelerating the pace of flying overseas.

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