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Moving company employee who damaged appliances take responsibility

Q: a few days ago, I have been looking for a moving company to move for me. In the process of moving, moving company employee inadvertently I electrical damage. I sought compensation from the moving company, moving company said labor contract agreed with the employee, causing property damage during the move process, borne by the employees themselves, wanted me to go to employee claims. Ask the moving company for you? What am I supposed to do?
a: China's 43rd of the General principles of the Civil Code stipulates that: "legal person of its legal representative or other business activities of the staff of civil liability. "Employees of legal persons civil liability for infringement of legal issues involved. Is a moving company moving company staff assigned to carry electrical activity, is for the company to meet their obligations. Accidentally damaged appliances in the handling process, its behavior is wrong, but because they are faults that occur in the process of moving companies to fulfil their obligations and responsibility should be borne by the moving company. As moved company by said and employees in recruitment Shi signed of labor contract in the agreed of terms, is moved company and employees in labor in the formed of labor relationship, which of agreed as long as not violation labor law, about legal regulations of provides, that is effective, but foreign no legal effectiveness, moved company can in internal in accordance with provides for processing, but foreign should bear civil responsibility, compensation you of loss. So the moving company is not established, shall be borne by the moving company your loss.

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