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Chinese moving day for who

In China, no matter what man married marry or bury the burying ... ... Always choose a zodiac, as novelist Zhao Shu-li's the second Zhuge Liang Xiao erhei marriage opening today is "not going out" is closed "should not be planted." In their hearts, if on the contrary to the ancient history of "instructions", then, for you and for your family, will be adverse and even life.
such benighted practices, still occupies a place in the hearts of many people. The general public does not say, even some of the low level of leading cadres, are no exception. A county in Henan province, a big, powerful Executive Office building built, and one day move? They chose the "six", and "eight" days. County moved into the new site in lunar new year 16, the County Government moved into the new building in lunar new year 18.
new 16, with "66 dashun" meaning lunar new year 18, you have "send" sign. Select Zodiac moved
County, the County Government, they do so for their own career success, or for their leadership of the County's more than 500,000 people, able to catch early off the team? "Hair" is to their own pockets, "hair", or for income of more than 500,000 people "from" up? If it is to think for yourself, "CIS" was his promotion that way succeeds, now a Virgin level cadre, tomorrow may be the departmental level cadres, and again the day after tomorrow, but also put more commonly said ... ... If for the sake of their own, said bad words, "hair" is making a fortune. And as a public servant, by limited salary, it is difficult to "hair" became Biggie's, to become rich, the only roads are corruption, bribes, bribes. This is a crime, is in prison or killed, so people 16 select lunar calendar, lunar new year 18 move is to go somewhere in the invisible God, bless their "hair", and their "Shun", earned ill-gotten gains, but not sticky, you see people thinking, how thoughtful!
have friends that people may be "and assumes power for the people" and is looking forward to his leadership of the 500,000 people, will soon embark on rich road, "hair" and "Shun" live a good life, which is not very high it?
said, I hope so. I'm thinking of materialism, atheism. They were superstitious Zodiac, is element of idealism, and theism? This is not contrary to their own political identity?
, I thought the story of Avanti. One day, a young man rushed to find Avanti said, I'm to be married, will one day wedding good. Avanti counting fingers counted again, answering says to marry, is a joyous event in life, no matter what day, very happy, be good. The other day, several men carried the coffin and street slowly, Avanti and met the guys who pick auspicious. Asked the boy Avanti, go left of the coffin good, also is in the coffin right lucky? Avanti after meditation and said: "go well on the left, walk on the right. But lying in a coffin was carried away badly. "Avanti is nothing more than a fictional character, if the human mirror, those who hold certain powers of civil servants, look at yourself in front of the mirror look, would blush and inferiority complex?
I am not opposed to "auspicious days of the so-called" thousands of years of Chinese culture, but to run can be changed, the saying goes, believe it or not, as long as it is harmless to people on the line!

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